Educational Campaign

The main objective of SACSAA is to campaign for the effective delivery of Cyber Security Awareness throughout South Africa to all groupings of the population. We aim to educate you in order to provide you with that basic level of cyber security and safety awareness and knowledge which you need in your daily life. As part of our plan to provide you with this education we run an annual Cyber Safety and Security Educational Campaign.

Currently this annual campaign is primarily focusing on educating school children for the purpose of fostering a cyber-security culture amongst the youth via education.  However we will continue to expand our efforts in order to educate all South African cyber-citizens.

The current campaign consists of two parts: the educational campaign and the poster contest.

  1. The Educational Campaign
    This is the means by which youth are made aware of a number of important cyber safety and security topics relevant to their own cyber activities and existence.This campaign is carried out using two methods. Firstly, The campaign involves having the learners learn about cyber safety and security, and why it is necessary. We encourage this learning by providing them access to the SACSAA educational curriculum (Request Free Curriculum) and online resources (Learn More). Additionally we encourage learners to show initiative and further research the topics online. Secondly we visit schools (when invited) to give a customized, interactive talk about cyber safety and security (focusing on the sub-topics most relevant to each audience). We present these talks to teaching staff students and parents (Request a Talk).

    The current materials for the Primary School Cyber Security Curriculum School Visit and Cyber Safety Presentation
  2. The Poster Contest
    This contest is educational. Learners are invited to voluntarily create and submit posters (hand-crafted or digitally created) which shows/promotes awareness of one or more of the security issues they had been educated about. This contest allows the youth to consider what they have learnt. Additionally it enables us to measure the campaigns impact on the involved youth’s cyber safety and security awareness levels. (Learn More).

    Past Contest Winners